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Fat Loss – Top 5 ways to burn fat

Fat Loss – Top 5 ways to burn fat

The following tips fat loss cover areas that are known to work, and in some cases, it has been researching and studies showing their effectiveness.

1. Exercise a little

You do not have to go to the gym and do aerobics or hours of cardio to burn calories. Instead, use resistance training with a weight that you will do 8 repetitions per set. Studies have shown that the formation of joint resistance interval training on shorter periods is as effective if not more effective for burning fat and takes much less time to.

Resistance training with representatives of low stimulates your muscles to undergo repair and regeneration during recovery. And that increases your metabolism after exercise and interval training improves your lung capacity and metabolism. Some studies have even shown that as little as 11 minutes of intensive training can be effective for losing fat.

2. Use the right foods

To make a good start scrutinized the amount you eat today. If you are not losing fat, eat less. Eat fruits, vegetables, nuts, and sources of protein. Avoid junk food from a bag or box. Treat yourself to one meal per week. Not a day to treat, just a meal. Plan ahead for meals. Spend time on the weekend getting your meals and ready meals a week. Here are some foods that will help accelerate fat burning.

  • Eat leaner wild fish. Flash-frozen mahi-mahi, Alaska cod and Pacific halibut will do.
  • Green tea has long been praised for its antioxidant power. New research shows it has taken or fat burning thermogenic attributes as well. Try it.
  • Exit sodas and juices. Drink more water. It could lose 20 pounds of fat in a year by himself. Also, drink a glass or two of water before each meal. It could reduce your calories by 200 calories per day which equates to another £ 21 or more a year.
  • Shape your health with organic apples and pears. Researchers believe the secret weight loss of apples and pears in their high-fibre, high water, yet low-calorie composition.
  • Base your meal plan on the sources of lean protein, fruits and vegetables. Use chicken breasts grilled to fried chicken, the meat of cattle fed regular hamburger, and fish fillets poached shrimp breaded.

3. Diet and Weight Loss Supplements

Rapid response, stay away from them. Most do not work and the those that artificially stimulate you do not create lasting results that can be maintained long term. A couple of them are chromium picolinate (CP) and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). A recent study of two groups over 12 weeks that ate the same amount of calories and exercised the same except that one group took the two supplements mentioned above has lost the same amount of weight during the study. The result was the supplements had no benefit. Do not waste your money.

4. Limit sugar and carbohydrates

Sugar is bad for your system and many studies show how it is. High carbohydrate diets are certainly a major cause of obesity in the population. While limiting carbohydrates and replacing sugar with a natural substitute can lead to fat loss and weight loss. This zone is probably the most difficult to address. Just look at the food choices at the grocery store.

5. Avoid The Fat Loss Fads and Hype

The weight loss and diet market worth billions of dollars. People get rich most of the things that sales simply does not. Stay from the DCP and hype about diet pills, foods and exercise equipment. Remember, if you can take a pill and do nothing, eat and do nothing, and exercise for 1 minute then the results will probably be nothing. Some of these things can work in the beginning but they are generally not a sustainable solution to lose fat.

What not to do when planning and executing a plan for fat loss:

Start a plan without getting the OK from your health care provider. Especially bad idea if you or others see you as someone who is healthy or sick abnormally more than 30 pounds over your ideal weight.


Avoid aerobic exercise and move to interval training. Interval training (example: Walking outside, find an incline and challenge you to run up to this for 60 seconds, then down to 60 to 120 seconds, repeat six times, or walking on a treadmill, adjust the incline or speed to challenge you for 60 seconds, then return to a normal rate of 60 to 120 seconds. Repeat six times) will be more effective and take less a toll on your body is not mention the time savings you can enjoy.

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