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How diet and exercise affect acne

How diet and exercise affect acne

Diet and exercise are the two main factors that determine what your skin looks. Despite years of dermatologists say otherwise, it has been proven by numerous studies that diet plays a particularly important role in the development of acne (or lack thereof) What should your diet consist of? Well, start with what you should not eat. inflammatory foods such as vegetable oil is not a huge step. All that has added hormones or insulin spikes should also be avoided. Dairy products, for its part, is huge trigger acne in many people.

The food you are as important as the food you eat. You should try to eat foods like the majority of your diet. Exercise is another huge factor that is necessary to cure your acne. If you do not have at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week at a minimum, you need to start. Exercise not only improves the circulation, but it also regulates over-active hormones and expels toxins through sweat. Aerobic exercise, in particular, is good to calm the production of excess hormones. Be sure to shower soon after sweating, but it goes without saying. If you can follow these changes in lifestyle, you will see your skin clear in a few weeks. 

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