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Osteoarthritis Diet

Osteoarthritis Diet

Diet is an important ingredient in maintaining a perfect body and the body of evidence of the disease. With 70% of Americans to be victims of obesity, the first step in treating any disease is weight loss. Control programs are food-based preferences that some people are allergic to certain foods tend to be fat easily.

What to eat when having osteoarthritis?

Start by checking various foods such as dairy, meat and green vegetables in quantity, quality, and the parties have an idea of what is best for your condition and body type. Sometimes osteoarthritis patients are allergic to meat products and fish or other substitutes needed. A vegetarian diet that includes green vegetables, carrots, avocados, seaweed, barley and wheatgrass products, pecans, soy products, sprouts, brown rice, millet or Oats are equally effective. Some foods and beverages such as alcohol, coffee, sugar, saturated fats, margarine, excess salt, spinach, cranberries, plums and nuts should be avoided.

The ideal diet for patients with osteoarthritis of food rich in vitamin E found in beef, corn, egg yolks, wheat germ and nuts of sunflower oil. This helps minimize the tissue damage due to ageing, smoking or stress. The omega-3 fatty acids if eaten regularly to help reduce inflammation and the best source for this variety is fish oil. Vitamin C in citrus fruits, melons, kiwis, pineapples, strawberries, blueberries and must be included in the diet.

Good sources of Silicon that calcifies and strengthen bones are wholegrain cereals, oats, barley and root vegetables. Copper and Zinc available through food such as oysters, crab, almonds, beans, prunes, lamb, pork, mushrooms, whole grains, meat, liver, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and help reduce inflammation of the cartilage. Dairy products, preservatives, and acidic fruits should be left alone. The idea is to maintain a healthy body weight and successfully control osteoarthritis.

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